the beast

Published date: October 12, 2018 Modified date: October 13, 2018


on the risk of being labeled as a nut I have held back, on saying this ,but I don't care anymore,
this beast in the Bible say , it's has seven heads and ten horns, that was 2000 years ago,
Today we know more , The seven heads are the seven continent's, that rose up out of the sea , or we be came aware of , since
the resurrection, and on these seven heads /continents, We Have ten horns, now a horn on animals are used for
defense or to attack, so weapons is what, is being talked about , today nuclear weapons are the most powerful ,
,nine country's have them as of today. just one more to make ten ,guess who,

if you understand what I am talking about or want more .please donate to the site.
I will add , to this, I will talk about the mark, it's not what you think ,

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